Chemical & physical properties Specification
Appearance White granular powder
Loss on drying, % I\JMT 9
pH of 1% Solution 6 to 9
Chlorides % Absent
Sulphur % Absent
Phosphorous % 0.5
Heavy Metals ppm NMT 10
Residue on ignition, at 10000 C % NMT 0.5
Viscosity in CPS NMT 100


Jelly is anionic poly-carbohydrate compound. It is free from Chlorides, Phosphorous etc. It helps in smooth extrusion. It has good binding property & does not leave residual effect after burning of electrodes.

It replaces fully/partly Costly Carboxyl Methyl Cellulose, Alginate. Jelly is cold water soluble and swells effectively.

Properties Function
Slippery Smooth extrusion
Anionic poly-carbohydrate Less smoke
Free from Chlorides, Sulphur & Phosphorous Good quality of welding
Free flowing powder Easy mixed with flux
Soluble & swell in cold water Increase Green strength of electrodes