Anil Agrawal

The Director of all Commercial affairs at Ankit Pulps and Boards, Mr. Anil Agrawal set up the company back in 1988 and has steered all the operations since.  From its humble beginnings, Ankit pulps and boards, today has scaled unparalleled heights in its domain. And the composure of Mr. Anil Agrawal has been the driving force behind it all. A self-made man, he binds team-APB together like the head of a family. An insightful entrepreneur and a steadfast leader!

Rajesh Agrawal

Always looking to break new ground in the technical front, this man’s vision is responsible for the enviable status that APB holds in the industry today. Dynamic and high on energy, Mr. Rajesh Agrawal is often found interacting with his team on the lab floor, always on the look-out for innovation in production standards. An engineer by qualification and an entrepreneur by passion, it is Mr. Rajesh Agrawal’s acumen that drives Ankit Pulps and Boards. The man behind the design of APB’s sprawling technical set-up, he leads the technical team of APB from the front.


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