Parameters Specification
Appearance Fine or granular, White or almost white powder, Odorless.
Solubility Insoluble in water, slightly soluble in dil. Sodium Hydroxide solution, it is insoluble in dil. Acid and most organic solvents.
Test -A Should Comply
Test -B Should Comply
Test -C Should Comply
pH 5 to 7.5
Starch and Dextrins Absent
Organic Impurities Should Comply
Water Soluble Substances % NMT 0.20
Arsenic, ppm NMT2
Heavy Metals, ppm NMT 10
Sulphated Ash, % NMT 0.20
Loss on Drying, % NMT6
Assay, % Cellulose 97 to 102
In-house Specifications
Particle Size %
wt. + 60 mesh NMT 1
Wt. + 200 mesh NMT 35