Microcrystalline Cellulose IP/BP/USP/JP/EP

The MICCEL grades of Microcrystalline Cellulose of Ankit Pulps and Boards, are widely accepted excipients by a number of leading pharmaceutical industries in India for its quality, consistency and customer service. Microcrystalline Cellulose revolutionized tableting because of its unique compressibility and carrying capacity. Its exhibits excellent properties as an excipient for solid dosages forms, compact well under minimum compression pressures, has high binding capability and creates tablets that are extremely hard & stable, yet disintegrate rapidly.


MICCEL 101 Wet granulation and direct compressible
MICCEL 102 Direct compressible & large particle size
MICCEL 103, MICCEL 112, MICCEL 113 Ideal for moisture sensitive material
MICCEL 114 Directly compressible
MICCEL 105 Enhanced compressibility with combination
MICCEL 200, MICCEL 500, MICCEL 100 Increase flow ability & Direct compressible
MICCEL 301 Higher Density, Greater tablet wt.
MICCEL 302 Direct compressible, Greater tablet wt.
MICCEL12 Direct compressible
MICCEL W, MICCEL WP Wet granulation
MICCEL-102 BD Higher density & increase flow

Tablets Manufacturing – Applications

Process Advantages Methods of use
A.     Direct Compression Chemical purity, binder, disintegrant, flow aid, filler, inertness Table making by direct compression involves only weighing mixing & compressing
B.     Wet Granulation Binder, rapid wicking action, permits fast additional of granulation fluid being most absorbent, most inert

Miccel Features

  • Excellent hardness levels at low compression forces
  • Low Lubricant sensitivity
  • Low Tablet Friability
  • Good Disintegration aid
  • Super Stability

Performing in Tablets & Capsules Making

Chemical Purity Non-reactive Organic ingredient, Extremely Low level of organic & Inorganic
Binder High Hardness level, low friability
Disintegrant Keep Uniform Concentration of drug in solution
Flow aid Require less Lubricant than other typical binders.
Inertness Drug chemical status is maintained.
Absorbent Keeps drugs uniformly mixed.

Quantum to be used

The amount to be used in direct compression characteristic of the formulation’s other ingredients.

  • Typical use level is of 15 to 20%
  • Granulation use level 15%
  • Levels in excess of 90% has been reported

Co-Processed MCC

Co-processing could lead to formation of excipients with superior compare to the simple physical mixture of their components. Co-processing results in a product with added value related to the ratio of its functionality and price. Development of co-processed directly compressible adjuvant, starts with the selected of the excipients to be combined, their preparation method to get an optimized product with desired physic-chemical parameters.