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Spray dried lactose properties and applications

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November 22, 2021

Lactose, also known as milk sugar or simply sugar, is a disaccharide. It is important because it is often used in manufacturing and various aspects of the consumable industry. If you want to learn more about this useful ingredient
you can read through our spray dried lactose properties and spray dried lactose applications and benefits article and
you might even learn something interesting.

spray dried lactose is derived from milk processing plant waste materials during the manufacturing process. it has white to yellowish colour, no bitter taste ,good solubility. it can be added in any beverage like instant beverage, infant formula, chocolate drink, yogurt to increase nutritional value

Spray Dried Lactose Powder is used in bakery products, dairy product, infant food, soups, sauces, etc. It is also
applicable in chocolate industry for making dry mixes for chocolate drinks. Spray dried lactose powder has advantages
when compared to other powder forms of lactose in industries, it does not require the use of stabilizers and fillers.
It is hygroscopic in nature which can attract moisture present in atmosphere easily.

Spray Dried Lactose is a chemically and physically pure, white colored powder. This product is made from the partial
hydrolysis of lactose. Spray Dried Lactose is used as a sweetener and as a carrier of other substances. It can also be
used as an excipient and used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals. Spray Dried Lactose has sugars which are not easily absorbed in the body hence it makes you feel full for a longer time after having food

Lactose is a milk sugar. Spray-dried lactose powder (or spray dried milk) is used like crystalline lactose, which it
closely resembles in taste and sweetness, but has different properties. Like all sugars it has the potential to elevate
blood glucose levels; thus, it is not suitable for diabetics or hypoglycemics. It is essentially lactose that has been s
pray dried into the form of small white crystals. This creates small hygroscopic particles that are free-flowing and
easier to use than regular crystals. Lactose is not as sweet as sucrose, but twice as sweet as glucose. It is about half
as sweet as sucrose, and sweeter than corn syrup, fructose,

One of the best drying systems is the spray drying system. It is used in many industries for powder drying. The Spray drying system is also called atomization technique. The atomization technique helps to carry out the process of spray drying. The process includes the spraying of fine droplets of fluid into air. It can be considered to be a kind of turbulent fluidization because of its characteristics like strong agitation and dilute air affects on the fluid open surface, temperature blocks under pressure, turbulence in flight, etc.

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