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Application & key Benefits in Food

Bhujiya, Namkeen, Mixture (Use 2-4%)

Low Fat Take – up without diminishing taste, maintain freshness, increased shelf life, & improve Appearance – Reduced brown & black batter particles after frying appearance is golden yellow.

Baked Items (Use 2-4%)

Higher dough yield (8-15%), Bake Stability, Maintain Freshness, creamy feel, Reduce Calorie and carbohydrate content, reduced breaking and abrasion of shortbread, wafers and biscuits.

Diet & Health Beverages (use 2-6%)

Low Fat Take Good Texture, Dietary fiber, non-caloric bulking agent

Chocolate Milk (Use 2-4%)

Stable at high & ambient temperature, adds creaminess, adds opacity

Ice Cream (Use 2-4%)

Controlling ice crystal growth, non-caloric bulking agent

Shredded Cheese (Use 4-6%)

Anticaking agent, mouth feels in low fat products

Cook-in Sauces (Use 2-6%)

Improved cling, controlled viscosity and texture in the jar and after cooking

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