Calcium Stearate

Calcium Stearate

What Is Calcium stearate?

Calcium stearate serves a dual role in various industries. Primarily, it acts as a lubricant within the plastics industry and plays a crucial role as an anti-caking additive in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

This substance presents itself as a fine, white to yellowish-white, voluminous powder, characterized by a subtle and distinctive odor. Its texture is notably smooth, devoid of any grittiness.

Our product range encompasses all pharmaceutical grades of calcium stearate. In addition to this, specific calcium stearate grades have been meticulously crafted, boasting high purity and a low filtration index. These specialized grades find their niche as acid scavengers and lubricants in applications involving polyethylene and polypropylene film and fibers, especially in scenarios requiring the use of extremely fine extruder screen packs.

Furthermore, calcium stearate’s versatility extends to functioning as a photoinducer, influencing the structure of plastics, as well as serving as an acid scavenger and enhancing pigment wetting in plastic colorant applications.


Product Description

  • FDA License available in IP/BP /USP/ NF/ EP
  • EXCiPACT, GMP Certified, KOSHER Certified
  • Particle Size
  • Specific surface area
  • Approved by many MNC’S Globally
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