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Industrial Applications

Modified Cellulose Powder

In casting material of welding electrodes APCELL is used in considerable quantities. High Cellulose content ensures correct burning of Electrodes, APCELL is a inert material and it leaves practically nothing after incineration and provides reduction atmosphere due to decomposition of organic material present in APCELL thus it prevents oxidation. Resultant welding will be free from pinholes, cracks etc. APCELL having wonderful free flow ness helps in smooth extrusion of Electrode without any cracks on its surface. APCELL, which has now become a synonymous name in Electrode world, is a must for all grades of quality electrodes.

Alpha cellulose

Alpha cellulose as an effective filter media has been well established and accepted for brine filtration with the advent of membrane cell technology. To protect these sensitive membranes from impurities found in the brine, the salt solution is first clarified with a precoat filter and ion exchanger. This filter aid cellulose has versatile advantages, is technically economical, and is Eco-friendly too, since it is biodegradable. Polishing of brine is necessary to remove the solid impurities even less than 0.3 micron with the help of the filter aid coating on filters.

Cellulose Powder

Cellulose is used in multiple industrial applications and cellulose fibers in coatings of welding electrode are one of the oldest application for these types of fillers. It improves the welding properties of the electrodes depending upon the type and structure of the coating.

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