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Pregelatinized Starch

Pregelatinized Starch

What Is Pregelatinized Starch
Pregelatinized starch is a vegan compound available in different plant-based food sources such as wheat, potato, corn, etc. There is a vital difference between starch & pregelatinized starch. First organic starch is cooked initially, and then it is dried using the latest equipment in the starch factory. Thus, the core treatment with spray dryer organic starch turns into pregelatinized powder. The whole process makes pregelatinized starch powder soluble in cold water..

Pregelatinized Starch As Excipient
According to the proven methodology, the manufacturing units execute specific processes to hydrolyze & dry organic starch to enhance its free-flowing properties. And these processes turn plant-based starch into pregelatinized starch.
Pregelatinized Starch is used as an original binder in pharma industries to ensure the overall durability and integrity of tablets. This processed starch version plays the role of disintegrants, which boost the ingestion process in the stomach. Research claims that the granules of Pregelatinized Starch produce swelling through fluid concentration in the stomach, and the force of swelling breaks the tablet. So, pharmaceutical manufacturers use well-researched and proven methodology for applications of processed Pregelatinized Starch in tableting for the tablet’s sustainability and for boosting stomach functionality.

Pregelatinized Starch As Food Additives
The functional value of Pregelatinized Starch improves the texture of processed food granules, which easily & instantly dissolve in cold water. For being the precooked & dried version of organic starch, Pregelatinized Starch creates a good viscosity level with water without cooking. And this characteristic of Pregelatinized Starch improves the self-life of processed food. So, the ready-to-eat food manufacturing industries use this precooked starch version as a multifunctional additive.
Not only does this starch bring excellent texture to processed foods, but it also maintains the authentic taste & good consistency of semi-liquid processed foods. The self-lubrication quality of Pregelatinized Starch brings a sheer look in granules and is recommended for short-duration post-cooking based processed foods.

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